Simon Park QSM JP

Simon is a founding director of Immigration Trust ( and a fully licensed immigration adviser officially approved by the New Zealand Government.

He brings his experience as a migrant to NZ, excellence, and professionalism to his service for people who need immigration advice in various NZ immigration matters.

Simon considers himself in the category of “boundary people”.  These are the individuals who sit on the boundary of two countries; those who still maintain a connection with their home country and at the same time are completely immersed in their new, adopted society.  He introduced the concept for the first time when he wrote for

After being appointed one of the youngest Justices of the Peace in Wellington in 2008, Simon went on to earn several notable awards.  Recognised in 2014 New Year Honours’ list, Simon received the Queen’s Service Medal due to his contribution to education.

Simon represented NZ in the International Rotary Peace Fellowship 2014 & 2015.  In 2013, he received a Local Hero Award and was selected as a semi-finalist for New Zealander of the Year Award.

Simon received the prestigious Ako Aotearoa’s Good Practice Publication Grant with his innovative initiative called “Ignite Potential”.  This resulted in a further “Staff Excellence Award” from Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University of Wellington in 2008.

Representing New Zealand as one of the future leaders appointed by The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF), Simon was invited to be an MC and give plenary speeches for “Future Leaders Conference 2013/2014” in Seoul, Korea.  Later, he was a guest speaker for Sister Cities New Zealand 2015 conference ( on the topic of “citizen diplomacy”.

He is an adviser to the South Korea President as a member of The National Unification Advisory Council in South Korea. He is an Honorary Adviser & Member of Korean – New Zealand Friendship Advisory Group appointed by the Korean Ambassador in NZ.