Shelley Huang

Founder and Capability Catalyst, Transformational Journeys

Shelley Huang is a media engagement strategist for 14 years and she is also passionate in diversity and inclusion development through cross-cultural communication. She grew up in China and came to New Zealand for her Master studies and then fall in love with the country since.

Her experience of being a journalist, commentator and producer for TVNZ, Maori TV, WTV, Mediacorp (Singapore) and JSBC (China) enable her to help governments, corporate organistions and NGOs to build a constructive relationship with both mainstream media and minority media. That is why she has been a trusted advisor for different Ministers and Mayors in NZ and also for business leaders like Jacki Johnson, Business Leader of the Year, 2015.

Working and living in NZ, Singapore, Israel, China, HK, Thailand and Malaysia taught her how to be a bridge-builder and she was given ‘Deloitte 2011 Chinese Business Figures Award’ for the contribution she made. Here are some key projects:

– In 2012, she led the first tourism campaign to target domestic Asian consumers in NZ “3+2 Love Rotorua” resulting in a 20-50% sales increase and a 648% increase of web traffic within 8 weeks when compared to the same time period last year.

– In a 30-million project “Shanghai World Expo 2010″run by NZTE, she facilitated 430 journalists’ visits to the NZ Pavilion from 120 media outlets like CNN, BBC, CNBC etc, and they produced 1200 media stories worth over NZ$7million advertising spending.

– in 2009, She produced the first NZ-made travel series about the indigenous Chinese culture – ‘China: Off the Beaten Track’, which was screened by Maori TV and used as teaching material by University of Auckland.

– In 2006, she was the only NZ Chinese reporter who were based in Israel-Lebanon War Zone to feed news by doing filming, presenting and editing all-in-one.

She is now working as an external communication manager for New Zealand’s largest insurance company, IAG. After she joined IAG, she initiated a proactive communication programme which created 115 media coverage worth NZ$300,000 advertising spending with a reach nearly three million audience within three months. She is also a trusted advisor for IAG’s New NZers’ strategy and leading a digital media initiative ‘wechat’.

Shelley has a Master of Arts in Film, TV and Media Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business from University of Auckland.