Roman Hu

Founder/Director, STARME MCN Limited and JEEK FILM & Media Limited

Roman Hu is a strategic marketing specialist with a strong and varied background in media & filming centric and business to business marketing programs.  Roman came to New Zealand in 2002 because of a position shift in an international hotel group, and has since fallen in love with New Zealand. His career began with the hospitality industry for a few years, then he entered into the image production field and established his first photography studio. He was one of the only two photographers in New Zealand that obtained the UK Royal Certified Photographer Honor Reward. He then entered the TV station after working with some film projects, he assisted a few famous Chinese film companies and worked as an independent producer until today he has established a multi-featured media company. During his work as an independent producer, he adapted and developed a strong sense of marketing specialty by assisting in project promotion and advertisement. This year, he became a certified Regional Business Partner as a marketing consultant.

For Roman, all careers are possible. He said If you look at it with a developmental vision and a challenging vision, or even a revolutionary vision, any industry is worth digging deeper and every industry deserves greater potential. The goal of STARME MCN Ltd, now founded by Roman, is to help New Zealand advance actively in the process of domestic and global e-commerce and to provide New Zealand with more job opportunities and broader sales channels.

Across the world, his motto is always self-discipline, self-renewal, and self-improvement. Roman hopes to build up strong networks within New Zealand Asian Leader Membership, and together we can create a better career atmosphere or business future for New Zealand.