Ramesh Ganesan

Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR)

Ramesh has worked in local government, central government and the private sector within New Zealand, Malaysian, Australian and British organisations. He has been involved in the marketing of education, healthcare and knowledge products including trade development, product and market development, international marketing and market research and reporting. He has particular expertise in developing organisational understanding of international markets and their management of international relationships particularly in Southeast Asia.

He currently is the Manager of Strategic Partnerships at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) where he gets to work with some of the best scientists in New Zealand involved in Forensic, Water, Health, Food, and Radiation Sciences. He believes the credibility and strength of New Zealand science research and services has great international strategic value.

Prior to ESR, Ramesh was involved in the management of bilateral and multilateral international relationships in the science and innovation sector, particularly, between New Zealand and the United States, Singapore, Australia, India and selected countries in South East Asia and the Americas.

Ramesh is keen to see a greater proportion of the New Zealand public and private sectors, both, in the regions, and in the main centres understand better the importance of engaging internationally and cope better with the challenges that they will face. He also believes that it will be important for New Zealanders to learn to collaborate both domestically and internationally to ensure that we remain relevant to international markets.