Nga Blanchard

Entrepreneur, Founder/Director, NZiFOCUS

Nga Blanchard is Vietnamese born entrepreneur, who migrated to New Zealand in 2002. She is the proud Founder and Director of NZiFOCUS, an education focused consultancy recognised as a high performing agency by New Zealand Education (ENZ) and New Zealand Immigration (INZ). NZiFOCUS provides a comprehensive quality student service guiding and supporting students to realise their desired study pathway. This is done through established partnerships with institutions offering quality courses and great pastoral care. NZiFOCUS further specialises in the cross-border development and delivery of international partnerships with Universities and schools in New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Nga is also the CEO of “Road to Success”, founded in 2021. This project was born as a result of her passion for learning, learning pedagogy and inspiring students to be creative in their thinking, as well as encouraging students to adopt a strategic view in creating a suitable pathway for their higher education. “Road to Success” focusses on the delivery of skills for future work and personal development, helping students to be leaders in global competition. The project will deliver skills required for young people to excel in their future place of work that are not traditionally taught in the school environment. Students will learn these skills through experiential, collaborative and facilitated learning experiences.

Nga is a highly positive, passionate and ambitious entrepreneur who has extensive experience in establishing successful businesses spanning education, fashion, design, importing and exporting. She started her first business in New Zealand in 2003 as a designer/co-founder of fashion accessories brand Louie-Thomas. She sold her first retail outlet in 2005 to focus on building a Louie-Thomas distribution network throughout New Zealand. In 2011 she expanded the Louie-Thomas business to Australia. Louie-Thomas clients included Pharmacies, NZ gifts stores, Fashion & Boutique stores, Department stores, and Chain stores. Louie-Thomas has featured in many fashion magazines such as NEXT, Fashion FQ, KiaOra In-flight magazine and GIFTS magazine. Nga also featured in the “New Zealand Business Women” section of NEXT magazine in 2010.  The Louie-Thomas brand serviced approximately 300 stores around New Zealand.

Nga has been exporting New Zealand products to Vietnam, since 2009.  She is an exclusive distributor for some New Zealand brands. Nga also is the Co-Founder/Strategist for and

Nga has a burning desire to help young people to believe in themselves, identify their passion and find solutions and guidance in order to develop a better future. Nga lives by the belief that life is for living and thriving. Her essential philosophy is focused towards being positive, passionate, and learning from others. Albert Schweitzer’s quote, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” sets the path for her success.