Miao Cao

Digital Health Lead, Doctor2go

Miao has worked as a registered nurse in Australia, New Zealand and UAE since 2007. She is co-founder of a New Zealand company which provides registered nursing service and allied health to primary care, aged care and corporate offices.

She has now turned her attention to innovation and improving access to healthcare by integrating digital health tools and primary care services.

Miao has a special interest in helping those members of our community who have a difficult time accessing medical services and have been involved with the Doctor2Go project and in the Digital Health Lead role since 2017.

Professional Background:

  • Graduated 2006 from Massey University
  • Worked in Australia, NZ and UAE
  • ICU (Intensive Care unit), HDU (High Dependence Unit)
  • General medical and surgical ward
  • Accident and Medical Centre, Family medicine and general practice
  • Cleveland clinic Abu Dhabi: Ophthalmology, Respiratory, Cardiology, Neurology outpatient clinics.
  • Telemedicine/ tele-triage for GP afterhours and general public.

A little about Miao outside professional life:

Miao has travelled the world (68 counties and over 300 cities), passionately, from Bolivia to Dubai; from Pakistan to New York; from Mt Everest Base camp in Tibet to Zanzibar in Tanzania.

She can talk to 70% of people on the earth (speaks English and Chinese and a little bit Arabic)

Genuinely interested in the world and the people in it.