Marja Lubeck

Member of Parliament

Marja arrived in New Zealand from Holland in 1989. Combination of Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese heritage.

She was elected as President of the Flight Attendant and Related Services Association (FARSA) in 2009. After four terms as President and a successful merger with New Zealand’s largest private sector union E tū, she is now Director of Organising (Aviation).

She is passionate about the future of work and inspired by the changes that can be achieved with the right combination of passion, commitment and knowledge. After studying part time at AUT from 2009, Marja graduated with a law degree in 2014 and was admitted as Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court in February 2017.

As well as lead advocate in negotiations for the major airlines servicing the New Zealand market, Marja is a member of the High Performance Engagement (HPE) Leadership Team at Air NZ where organised labour and management engage in a consensus based workplace democracy program.

She believes that leaders have a particular responsibility to reinforce collaborative relationships, because good leadership drives our culture, which in turn drives engagement and performance and will ultimately benefit the economy of New Zealand. “We need to shape our future in line with our values.”

“I am privileged be a member of Parliament and proud to stand with Labour, the party with the aspiration to help the next generation and address the fundamental issues of housing, health, education. I believe it is important to ensure we get fair policies in place that allow hard-working people to get ahead and provide good jobs with respect, dignity, safety at work and decent earnings. “