Jerry He

Founder, Olivia Premium

Jerry is founder of Olivia Premium, Sales Director at New Zealand Green Wave Limited, the Chairman of the New Zealand Green Industry Association and a Director at Feel Good Corporation. Olivia Premium Food aims to provide 100% NZ made products to children all around the world at reasonable prices. Over the years, 65% of their trade has been made through eCommerce and Wechat channels, involving major players from China.

Jerry is also the Deputy Convenor of The Small Business Development Group (SBDG), which advises the New Zealand Government on issues affecting SMEs and helps government agencies communicate more effectively with them. In his position as the Chairman of the New Zealand Green Industry Association, Jerry also receives regular trade updates and speaks with CIQ officials from Chinese Customs.

Since its creation, Jerry is Chairman and Board Member of the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC). The AMTC is a coalition set up in 2016 to help MSMEs to trade more across borders, facilitate their internationalization through more permissible trade policies and serve as a data repository for the common challenges faced by MSMEs.