Jefferson C.H. Ha

Founder and Managing Consultant, Thomas. Jefferson Associates Limited

Jeff is a Malaysian Chinese who relocated to New Zealand in 1997 with his family at the age of 12. To this day, Jeff considers New Zealand as his home.

Jeff attended his primary and secondary schooling in Christchurch. He subsequently obtained a Bachelor’s degree from University of Canterbury, majoring in Political Science in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Jeff left what he considers as his comfort zone and made the move to Auckland, where he was employed as an Immigration Officer for the next 4 – 5 years.

Jeff credits his work experience at Immigration with contributing towards the smooth transition of being a student to a professional. During his time at Immigration, Jeff was responsible for managing ‘high risk’ applications, managing passengers at Auckland airport and working alongside Immigration’s fraud and compliance staff.

In 2011, Jeff aspired to relocate back to Asia and made his move abroad to Hong Kong after spending more than half his life in New Zealand. There, Jeff was employed by a large MNC as an in-house immigration consultant before deciding to complete a law degree in Australia from 2013 – 2015. In 2014, Jeff completed a Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice from Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in 2014 via distance learning, where he achieved straight A’s for the entire course. He became a fully licensed New Zealand Immigration Adviser from the Immigration Advisers Authority and took pride in promoting New Zealand as an ideal destination for skilled migrants, investors, students and visitors.

By December 2015, Jeff was admitted as a lawyer in the Australian Capital Territory and the High Court of Australia. By early 2016, he was also admitted as a New Zealand lawyer and continued to be involved with promoting New Zealand. In June 2016, Jeff collaborated with his former law school associate in Australia in an attempt to leverage available resources, where Australia is promoted by his business partner Thomas, and New Zealand is proudly promoted by Jeff as a favoured destination in the Asia Pacific region.

For that purpose, Jeff’s Hong Kong based business consultancy firm Thomas. Jefferson Associates Ltd (link) was established after many months of preparation. They identify the bulk of their clients as being from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. As a result of Jeff’s relentless promotion of New Zealand, Jeff avers that it is in fact becoming a favoured destination over Australia for their company’s increasingly growing list of clients. In the near future, they have plans to expand their business presence to Auckland, Sydney and Shanghai.

Other than working on his ventures, Jeff is also working in a local Hong Kong firm as a Registered Foreign Lawyer, where his main practice areas are Immigration, Corporate and regulatory compliance. Jeff aspires to play his part in fully engaging New Zealand with its regional neighbours in what is widely dubbed as the Asian Century. Jeff identifies his work in promoting New Zealand’s economic presence in Hong Kong as an integral part of his work.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys rolling up his sleeves and engaging in DIY motorsport projects, where he has a huge interest in anything with an engine. In addition, he also has an interest in Chinese classics, culture and history. He regularly visits historical sites in China and identifies the Ming Dynasty as his favourite era in China’s history. To find out more about Jeff, you can connect with him via his LinkedIn (link) page.