Hayden Mai

Senior Property Manager, Waikato Real Estate

Born and raised in China, Hayden moved to New Zealand in 2002. Trilingual with English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Hayden is the Senior Property Manager at Waikato Real Estate located in Hamilton, a well-established company since 1965 provide comprehensive property management service.

Hayden joined Waikato Real Estate as IT and Marketing Administrator after graduated at Waikato Institute of Technology with Bachelor of Information Technology in 2007. He has changed his career from IT to become a property manager in 2008.

Over the last nine years, he has developed a wide range of industry-leading skills and knowledge during this process included: specialized in Residential Tenancy Act, building, and housing develop a plan, project management, and customer services.

Hayden is currently managing one of the biggest residential rental properties profile in New Zealand – over 300 investment properties which would be over $180 million dollars.

Hayden has been ranked number one for five years regarding highest return for the rental properties within the company which resulted his property investors are getting the best possible return on their investment in terms of their capital gain and passive income.