Dr. Sohail Choudhry

Executive General Manager of eCommerce, Customer Solutions, Marketing and Strategy, New Zealand Post

Sohail leads a team focused on creating valued customer connections – for the Post Group’s customers, and their customers’ customers.

Since joining the Group in 2007, Sohail has been instrumental in transforming the company by introducing digital communications solutions that complement Post’s trusted core physical networks. One of his key focus areas is to benefit from the growing business to consumer parcel market, which has led to the creation of a new supply chain and an eCommerce business area .

Sohail is responsible for international and domestic multilateral partnerships and multi-channel solutions the Post Group offers including letters, parcels, direct marketing, stamps and coins and global logistics solutions. He is the customer advocate and leads the customer sales and service, marketing and strategy functions.

Prior to joining the Post Group, Sohail was CEO of a cutting edge technology company based in New Zealand, which he successfully expanded into the United States, Europe and Asian markets. Sohail has worked in the electricity and water sectors, IT&T, and set up new ventures in the technology space. He has brought a strong customer and commercial view to the enterprises in which he has worked, particularly building domestic and international strategic customer relationships and industry networks.

Sohail completed a PhD in New Zealand and has degrees in Engineering, including a master’s degree. In Australia he attended the Mt Eliza Business School Advanced Management Program and, most recently, the Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT Sloan Management School, Boston, USA. Sohail has also published numerous articles in local and international publications.