Daisy Ding

Restaurants Manager – Casino, SkyCity Entertainment Group

I came to NZ in 2002, because of my first part time job in life I felt my passion in the hospitality industry. I graduated from Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in AUT in 2007 and joined SkyCity Entertainment Group in the same year.

In the last 13 years SkyCity Entertainment Group Journey, I have been offered various opportunities to work in different areas of the business. Started with Skycity Hotel front desk and move to F&B duty manager in Chinese Restaurant, Rebo Café, gaming VIP areas, and then moved my way up from Duty Manager to Assistant Restaurant Manager to Restaurant Manager. My current role is Restaurant Manager in VIP F&B Skycity Auckland.

After over 15 years hospitality experience, I still feel strong passionate about the industry and would like to spend rest of my career in this field. To work in the Casino environment is a unique experience, and the most excitements to work in Hospo are everyone day is a new different day, meeting many people and learn from their stories, working with team to achieve a goal and it is an industry to make people happy. Also, there are lots of more than that.

My future career goals are to be able to experience other different areas of Hospitality Industry to expand my knowledge. I am willing to share my knowledge and experience, and to develop, coach, influence and inspire others to become strong leader in the Hospitality Industry in NZ.