Caroline Quay

Director, Catalyst Investments

Caroline has extensive experience in the high growth technology and innovation sector.

She is Chief Investment Officer at Cure Kids Ventures, NZ’s predominant seed and early stage healthcare investment fund. CKV was founded in 2008 and has a portfolio of 15+ companies.

She also holds strategic development and commercial advisory roles with high growth technology companies in the medical devices and biotechnology sector. Notably, she was a founding executive of Aroa Biosurgery Limited, which listed on the ASX in July 2020 (ASX: ARX).

Caroline’s experience covers private equity, venture capital and early stage/start up investments, commercialisation, intellectual property, technology, research and development, global growth and expansion and mergers and acquisitions.

Caroline was the recipient of the EY/NZ Asian Leaders’ Scholarship for the EY Darden Programme in 2015. Caroline was also a recipient of the UBS Scholarship in Finance. She received her Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours and Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Auckland.

Caroline is a member of Global Women and an Established Member of New Zealand Asian Leaders.