Adriana Tong

Shareholder & Director, Asia Pacific Partners Limited (APPL)

Adriana Tong is an investment banker with over 30 years experience in the investment sector including equity, capital market, options and futures. She is currently a director of Asia Pacific Partners Limited and an advisor to various companies in North Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Originally from Singapore, Adriana has been in New Zealand for over 40 years. She has extensive knowledge of the east and west including the business culture and various market conditions, which have been a benefit to transacting business. Adriana is the director and advisor of a number of businesses in the nutraceutical and functional food industry. She is also a member of New Zealand Global Women and a former advisor to NZTE’s Beachheads Advisory Board.

汤陈慧爱女士(Adriana Tong) , 股东及董事, 新西兰亚太投资有限公司(APPL)

汤陈慧爱女士是一位具有30多年经验的资深投资银行家,她从事的投资范围包括证券、资本市场、期货和期权。汤陈慧爱女士目前是APPL的董事,及北亚、 东南亚和中东地区多家公司的顾问。她早年曾在新加坡居住,移民新西兰已40多年。汤女士对东西方文化的知识十分渊博,尤其是它们的企业文化和不同的市场条件,这对促成交易有百利无一害。汤女士是保健品和功能性食品行业多家企业的董事和顾问。她是新西兰全球女性一成员和新西兰贸易发展局(NZTE)属下的Beachheads咨询委员会前委员。