Thoughts | What is authentic Kiwi Leadership in the 21st century?

What is authentic Kiwi Leadership in the 21st century?

 Thoughts from our attendees of the NZAL Maori, Asian, Pasifika Summit held on May 24, 2016 at AUT.

Andrew Lum, Head Of OCS China, OCS

Kiwi leadership is driving and leading the team to achieve the goals required within the business. This requires the leader being able to understand what motivates local staff as there are major differences between people living and working in NZ compared to other countries.

There is a need to understand what drives these staff and to know what motivates and drives them.

Angela Lim, Doctor, Counties Manukau DHB

The ability to be honest about the state of play and be courageous in doing the right thing and not the popular thing

Anthony Bow, Chair, Bill McKinlay Park Trust

An agile leadership no. 8 wire approach developed around a diverse and inclusive team.

Candice Hsu, Digital Director, Eight Digital Communications

Self aware and genuine

Result driven with clear defined goal

Agile and encourage communications

Use of technology to better identify opportunities, analyse data and make better decisions

Charlotte Lockhart, Head of Sales and Marketing, Perpetual Guardian



Based on merit

Christina Leung, Senior Economist & Head of Membership Services, NZIER

Above all else acting with integrity, and also embracing diversity of opinions.

 Christine Clark, Chair, ITENZ

As to authentic Kiwi leadership, ‘it is the ability to inspire others to share in a passion / vision, using our innate ‘number 8 wire’ mentality. In other words; inspiration through honesty, integrity and innovation in response to what drives us and who we are leading

Deepti Joshi, Immigration Officer, Immigration NZ

To be an authentic Kiwi Leader in the 21st century, leadership skills must include cultural competence to recognise the superdiversity in New Zealand and make the most of the opportunities it offers.

Desna Whaanga-Schollum, Chairperson, Nga Aho-Maori Design Professionals

Mauri ora!!  For Ngā Aho, our aim is to promote the development and articulation of iwi / hapū identity in our cultural landscape and national design vernacular. And to support this through developing opportunities where Māori designers and their communities of interest can identify and achieve their development aspirations.

Elizabeth Young, Acting National Strategic Ethnic Advisor, NZ Police

The type of leadership that inspires people to build their talents, and in turn, inspires those people to help others do the same.

Erick Yap, Manager | IT Advisory, Ernst & Young

I think to be an authentic Kiwi leader in the 21st century involves building lasting relationships based on trust, openness and empowerment leading to improvement of self, others and the wider ecosystem (community, country, world).

Letoa Henry Jenkin, CEO, Pacific Media Network

First, how do we define Kiwi? Who is and what is a Kiwi person?

If Kiwi Leadership is at the macro level determined by societal values then a Kiwi leader is one who exudes those values at a micro level.

I believe being authentic is shaped by individual experience and is fluid from person to person…what is authentic to one, may not be to another.

Dr Kam Weng Yuen, Associate-Building Structures, Beca

Authentic Leadership has common attributes across nations and culture. For Kiwis, the difference lies in the unique traits of New Zealanders that had brought us success in business, sports, arts and politics, leading to the myth of Kiwi punching above our weight. For me, an authentic Kiwi Leadership is a leadership with humility “re: Richie McCaw and Brendon McCullum”, ingenuity “no 8-wire solution”, can-do hands-on “getting dirty” attitude, and cultural-awareness “Tutira Mai Nga Iwi”.

Karl Cummins, Director, Auckland Strategy, Ministry of Justice

Leadership that recognises the opportunity in growth and diversity.

Marina Matthews, Partner/ Deputy CEO, Chen Palmer/ Superdiversity

Being an authentic kiwi leader is respecting New Zealand’s history and nurturing New Zealand’s future leaders.

May Zhang, Head of Treasury Finance, Westpac

It is all about cultural intelligence and empowerment

Mike Pohio, Chairman, BNZ Partners Waikato Region

Engaging with integrity​ and modesty, not limited by geography or convention

Nicky Jones, Principal Advisor leadership and Talent, State Services Commission

I think in theory we are increasingly shifting from a one size fits all approach to recognising peoples ‘authentic’ style – that is the personality, qualities, experiences and style they bring to the job. My concern is that while we know that this diversity is important the promotion of individuals into leadership roles often still reflects the leaders who are hiring them and therefore the shift from one style to many may take longer than it should.

Paul Gestro, Head of Asia Business, BNZ

Empathy with the global environment and its diverse population

Queency Wei, Risk Manager, SKYCITY

Stay true to who we are, be bold and brave

Sera Jeong, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Spark Foundation

Authentic leadership is recognizing the potential of all New Zealanders. It’s about being inclusive and understanding that there are many facets to the ‘Kiwi’ identity. It’s about bridging understanding all kinds of diversity and challenging associated biases and stereotypes

Simon Young, Chief Executive Officer, syENGAGE Ltd

Authentic kiwi leadership in the 21st century is inclusive, considered, fair, open, and, by the sound of it, extremely hard to come by

Thomas Loosley, Senior Account Manager, Xero

An inclusive, collaborate leadership approach that can be measured by actions not words.

Lucy Tukua, Member – Pae Matua, Nga Aho

Authentic kiwi leadership is one that provides for the wellbeing and duty of care for land, culture and people in a genuine, prosperous and resilient manner.

Steven Peng, ‎Auckland Lead, Holmes Farsight

Honor the past, embrace and celebrate cultural differences at present and encourage integration and collaboration in preparation for the future.