Member Blog | Nick Siu – The Year That Was

nick suiNick Siu | NZAL Emerging Leader
Director, The Agency 88

Key takeouts for 2015:

We’ve had a fantastic year across all our business portfolio, however the key takeouts have been:
Opportunities come up all the time, but it’s really important to remember what our core purpose and direction is – so don’t deviate the course of the ship no matter how alluring or seductive the other opportunities are. Our strength for both The Agency 88 and Sachie’s Kitchen is understanding the Asian market and building business both-ways, so that’s what we need to stay focused on and there’s no need to be greedy.  There is a value in saying no.

Something my mentor still tells me – it’s a marathon, not a sprint – it’s not always sexy to be the turtle, but going methodically and deliberately means you’ll always get there in the end – and there’s less likelihood you’ll get flipped over.

I constantly have to remind myself a saying from a friend’s father I learnt a long time ago – “you can have anything you want in life, as long as you don’t care who gets the credit”, this really applies to personal and professional life, ego can get in the way often, and it’s important that a balance is struck, most importantly so we can be better members of our community and consequently we can make better decisions in our own lives that impact the community as we are all individuals of a bigger whole.