Mai Chen announced as one of the Top 50 diversity figures in public life

NZAL Chair, Mai Chen announced as one of the Top 50 diversity figures in public life by the Global Diversity Company

~ Global Diversity List is the first assessment of individuals and companies with outstanding commitment to diversity nominated by readers of The Economist

~ NZAL Advisory Board applauds the recognition of Mai Chen for her work in the field of diversity in NZ

NZAL Advisory Board welcomed the announcement of Mai Chen as one of the Top 50 diversity figures in public life as assessed by Global Diversity Company. This category recognises the achievements of individuals who have used their position in public life to make an impact in diversity.

Global Diversity List is a first of its kind where an assessment of individuals and companies demonstrating a concrete commitment to diversity has been compiled. Chen shares a spot on the top 50 list with His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, Michelle Obama – Lawyer, Writer, First Lady of USA, Malala Yousufzai – Activist for Female Education, Nobel Prize Laureate, among many other highly respected international leaders.

Under the vision and guidance provided by Mai Chen, NZAL has grown to an organisation of 200 Asian New Zealand members who like the Chairperson are committed to promoting cultural understanding in NZ’s diverse communities. NZAL Advisory Board comprising of Thomas Song (Deputy Chair), Ming Lim-Pollard, Dr. Xiaoying Fu, Sameer Handa, Mitchell Pham, David Tse, Brijesh Sethi, Ziena Jalil, Bharat Guha and Carolyn Luey congratulate the recognition of the work done by Mai Chen and the attention it brings to NZ’s superdiverse status.

Speaking on behalf of the NZAL Advisory Board, Ms Lee, General Manager, NZAL said:

“Mai Chen has been a leader in both ethnic and gender issues.  She is best known as one of NZ’s top lawyers, but has dedicated a lot of her time pro bono to ensuring NZ’s success, as a superdiverse country where at least a quarter of the population is not born here.  As a Taiwanese immigrant to NZ with her family at the age of 6, Mai is in a good position to act as a bridge between all New Zealanders.”

Chen published the Superdiversity Stocktake in 2015 which was downloaded in whole or in part 92,584 times with a follow up “What Next” report released on April 15, 2016.  Along with practising law and running Chen Palmer, Chen is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Auckland School of Law; a Director on the Board of BNZ; Founder and Chair of New Zealand Asian Leaders; Founder and Chair of Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business; Inaugural Chair of NZ Global Women and Co-founder of Cultural Bridge, a joint venture between Chen Palmer and NZME.  Mai was a top 10 finalist for the 2014 and 2016 New Zealander of the Year Awards.

Click here to view the Global Diversity list. 


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Launched in November 2013, New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) is a professional organisation for Asian New Zealanders who are leaders and for high achieving Asians in New Zealand who aspire to become leaders. Our mission being to promote, educate and build a critical mass of top Asian leaders and emerging leaders in NZ who will have an active role in the future of New Zealand and promote cultural understanding in NZ’s diverse communities.


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