Superdiversity Stocktake


The Superdiversity Stocktake is New Zealand’s first stocktake of the implications of New Zealand’s ethnic superdiversity for business, government and citizens. The Stocktake includes relevant statistics and research on ethnic superdiversity, recommendations for best practice, new surveys results of the impact of superdiversity on business, government and citizens, key benefits, issues and challenges from superdiversity and a stocktake of Government departments and the work they are doing to adjust to ethnic superdiversity and the needs of the new New Zealand, including a top four and a ‘most improved’.

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NZAL Ambassador, Tony Browne has shared his thoughts on the stocktake

tony“New Zealand’s capacity to embrace and capitalise on the challenges and opportunities of our diverse society is constrained by our relentless monolingualism.  The Superdiversity Stocktake highlights and reminds us of the correlation between linguistic facility, inclusive government and policy making that is attuned to the needs of modern New Zealand society and business.  Numbers studying languages in New Zealand, Te Reo more so than any,  are well short of what modern New Zealand requires  now, and will require in years ahead.  The example that bilingual and multilingual public service staff set through the cultural insights they enjoy and the associated range of experiences they bring to their positions needs to be recognised alongside other professional and technical qualifications.   The Report offers commentary on this (and much else) that should provide the basis for the re-examination of how individual government agencies should shape their ongoing recruitment, professional development programmes, and public accountability.  There is also an important message for schools, parents and for students:  business and government will reward those understand and can engage effectively with the wider range of New Zealand society and business partners.”


New Superdiversity Leadership Council of ethnically diverse top leaders

The Superdiversity Centre for Law, Policy and Business has announced the formation of a Superdiversity Leadership Council following the successful launch of Superdiversity Stocktake: Implications for Business, Government and New Zealand and Superdiversity, Democracy and New Zealand’s Electoral and Referenda Laws in Auckland last week.

Since the Superdiversity Stocktake’s release on 3 November 2015, the full report has been downloaded 44,757 times and the pdf documents including full report plus all the partial sections have been downloaded 65,219 times.  You can view the Superdiversity Stocktake online at or let us know if you would like to order a hard copy version.

The Superdiversity Leadership Council, together with the Centre’s Patron former Governor General Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand, will guide the future work of the Superdiversity Centre. The Council is comprised of top ethnic leaders who are committed to the success of New Zealand Inc with established and well-recognised market credentials as deliverers of successful business outcomes.

The inaugural members of the Superdiversity Leadership Council are senior Maori, Pasifika and Asian leaders Sir Tipene O’Regan, Mike Pero, Naomi Ballantyne, Mark Tume, Adrian Orr, Graeme Wong, Lisa Li, Tarun Kanji, Parekawhia McLean, Mitchell Pham, Mavis Mullins and Caren Rangi. Curricula vitae for each of the Council members are set out below.

For more information about the Council, please click here