Voices: Mai Chen, Lawyer

Lawyer Mai Chen – New Zealand’s most influential Chinese woman?

Voices: Mai Chen

She is a dynamo, driven by her own immigrant experience she relishes fighting for the underdog. Founding partner of ChenPalmer, the Public and Employment Law Specialists, Mai Chen described one of her proudest moments in our legal history as being able to give New Zealand women the right to go into combat within our armed forces. Lynda Chanwai-Earle travels across the North Island to meet the woman behind an extraordinary career, celebrating 20 years of Public Employment Law.

The upcoming story about the NZ Asian Leaders initiative will broadcast on Monday 24 March at 3:30pm on the Afternoons programme with Jim Mora. If you miss the live broadcasts of this programme you can listen to the online podcast version anytime and check out the photo gallery by following this link:

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