NZAL takes the lead on the Flag Referendum Inititative

NZ Asian Leaders (NZAL) are taking the lead on the upcoming flag referendum with an initiative that encourages migrants to vote. NZAL is a professional, member led organisation of Asian New Zealanders who are leaders and high achieving Asians in New Zealand who aspire to become leaders. Setting an example and spearheading this movement, NZAL has recorded videos with its members on what it means to them to be New Zealand citizens and why it’s important to vote, including in the upcoming flag referendum, the local government elections later this year and the general elections next year. The videos can be viewed online on the NZAL website. The organisation will continue to record videos with NZAL leaders to encourage migrants who are citizens and permanent residents to exercise their right to vote.

NZAL Chair, Mai Chen said “Some of our members were not born in NZ, but are now citizens and permanent residents. Some of our members were born in New Zealand and are second or third, fourth and fifth generation kiwis. Democracy is a fundamental part of this country we love, and yet migrants generally have a low voter turnout. On 3 March, the second and deciding flag referendum will commence. Regardless of which flag you support, the point is to exercise your right to vote as citizens and permanent residents, so we are part of the voice that shapes our nation. We also have local government elections coming up later this year and voting in those elections is also important”