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NZME | How to best communicate with Asian New Zealanders as Citizens?

NZAL Public Sector Forum was held on October 6, 2015 and hosted by the NZ Customs Service. The speakers for the forum included Carolyn Tremain – CEO & Comptroller of NZ Customs Service, Mai Chen, Chairperson of NZAL, Laura Maxwell, Group Director-Digital of […]

NBR | Three steps to reduce business failure in China

Major cultural differences can be a recipe for disaster when New Zealand businesses try to operate in China but a report for MFAT argues that understanding the distinct characteristics of the Chinese way of thinking is a first step in […]

EY | On the Beam magazine

EY’s quarterly magazine On the Beam contributes rich thought leadership to the Greater China market, helping organizations to keep them abreast of the latest market and industry trends. Issue 1: Download PDF (7.5mb) In this issue: Strategic investing in China […]