Sheryne Lok

Sheryne has had extensive involvement in sport and recreation with over 10 years of experience working with Auckland Council in the Sport and Recreation Department. Working as a Senior Recreation Programme at Howick Leisure Centre, she is the co-ordinator of a number of programmes, including: holiday programmes, basketball, baby and toddler gymnastics, and badminton. Working with youth has been an area Sheryne is extremely passionate about, where she still coaches’ youth basketball and pre-school gymnastics.

Recently Sheryne has joined Visitor Solutions, assisting with Sport and Recreation Consultancy projects. Her role includes supporting and assisting colleagues with sport, recreation and tourism projects, completing feasibility studies, strategic planning and needs analysis. Prior to Visitor Solutions, Sheryne has also interned at the New Zealand Breakers for several seasons and worked at the Auckland University of Technology as a Research Assistant. In these roles, Sheryne has developed a vast understanding of the sport and recreation sector, ranging from: teaching pedagogies, sport and recreation management, sports marketing, sport and recreation leadership, and physical activity and health. With her thesis on cultural intelligence influencing sport and recreation participation, her focus is on cultural intelligence and growing sports leadership in New Zealand. Currently, Sheryne is also involved in the New Zealand Recreation Association, where she is the Secretary on the Northern/ Auckland board.