Sera Jeong

Sera studied Sociology-Anthropology at Swarthmore College, a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, USA. She became interested in conversations around diversity and national identity, spurred by her field of study and college experience. During her time in the States, she interned at a number of start-ups in Chicago and Boston.

Before matriculating at Swarthmore College, she spent a semester at the College of Social Sciences at Seoul National University. The opportunity to live in Seoul allowed her to immerse herself in Korean culture. At SNU, she was a member of the International Students Association.

Initially she joined Spark as a Communications Assistant supporting the Spark New Zealand Corporate Relations team. In this role she developed a communications strategy for multicultural audiences. She also supported the Home, Mobile, and Business portfolio developed for the 2016 Chinese New Year Campaign. She then went on to become the Marketing & Communications Advisor at the Spark Foundation. She developed and implemented campaigns to support the foundation’s charitable programmes and strengthen a culture of generosity.