Nga Blanchard

Entrepreneur, Founder/Director, NZiFOCUS

Nga Blanchard is Vietnamese born and is now living in New Zealand with her husband and son and a dog named Lassie. She is a proud Founder and Director of NZiFOCUS – recognised as a high performing agency by New Zealand education and immigration. Her agency provides a comprehensive trusted quality service in guiding & supporting students to have an excellent study pathway, find quality courses and great pastoral care.

Nga is a highly positive, passionate and ambitious entreprenuer who is involved in many projects including education, fashion, design, importing and exporting mainly between Vietnam and New Zealand. She started her first business in New Zealand in 2003 as a designer/co-founder of Fashion accessories brand Louie-Thomas. She managed a team to distribute products throughout New Zealand. In 2011, she expanded to Australia for a few years. Her clients included Pharmacies, NZ gifts stores, Fashion & Boutique stores, Department stores, and Chain stores. Her brand Louie-Thomas was featured in many fashion magazines such as: NEXT, Fashion FQ, KiaOra In-flight magazine, GIFTS magazine… She was also featured in NEXT magazine in the New Zealand business women section in 2010. They serviced about 300 stores around New Zealand at one time and they had thousands of customers on their database over the years.

Nga has been exporting New Zealand products since 2009 and she is an exclusive distributor for some NZ brands. She is also a Co-Founder/Strategist for and

This year, she has taken on a whole new exciting project and set up a New Zealand Corner in Vietnam to promote New Zealand education and trade and to bring New Zealand culture closer to the Vietnamese.

She  has an ambitious goal to help students and youngsters to believe in themselves, to identify their passion, to find solutions and guidance in order to take action. She believes life is for living and thriving. Her essential philosophy is focused towards being positive, passionate, and learning from others.