Maggie Chen

General Manager of Alpha Group Holdings Ltd (NZ)

Maggie migrated to NZ in 2002, and had been the co-owner and CEO of NZ Chinese Herald (先驱报) for 12 years since then.

Maggie has taken a new role as the General Manager of Alpha Group Holdings Ltd (NZ) in September 2015.  Founded in 1998 in Auckland, Alpha Group is a health products business led by professional R&D in the traditional Chinese medicine sector, owning all aspects of production from farming and processing to consumer distribution networks in China and ASEAN.

Maggie is a Trustee of Chinese New Settlers Service Trust (CNSST, 華人社區服務中心), an established NZ NGO and the biggest ethnic / migrant focused professional community provider.  She is also the Deputy President of Soong Ching Ling Foundation of NZ (新西蘭宋慶齡基金會).

Maggie has a Postgraduate diploma in business from The University of Auckland.