Chumin Yu

Market Coordinator, Canstar

Chumin completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at the University of Auckland but was pleasantly inspired at a Toastmaster conference and have since of last year started studying towards a Master in Urban Planning and Environment.

As a market coordinator in NZ, she is responsible for the daily operations in both Canstar and Canstar Blue. From sales, relationship building, client engagement, administration to operation support – essentially ensuring things get done as smoothly as it can before the deadline hits. One thing that excites her about working in Canstar is the rapid growth and evolution the business is currently going through. The job offers positive exposure of learning more about finance and news in general.

Chumin has a wealth of understanding between Asia and NZ, particularly in the NZ and China trade space. In her voluntary capacity, she is the Communication Manager for New Zealand Chinese Trade Association YA. Her time here has been both rewarding and challenging. One key task for her working in NZCTA YA is all about finding the right types of people to come speak at the monthly events. She is always on the lookout for potential speakers. These events have ranged from a forum about doing start-ups in China to winery and beer tours.

Outside of work, Chumin likes to engage with meeting the unsung heroes in society. She finds them really inspiring and motivating. There are people who do not require rewards or praises for their actions or acknowledgment from their peers. They do not overvalue money and material possessions nor the trite musings of an ego-centric lifestyle. They do not turn to authoritative figures, and they learn to think for themselves. They remain stoic. They do good things and help their fellow creatures just for the sake of it, in and of itself. Whatever voids the supernatural fills or the external gives, it has no monopoly on anything that they deem as ‘good’. These people can be very elusive and hard to encounter. However, when she finds one, she tries to have their stories heard through the poems, writings and her speeches.