Binaifer Behdin

Group Treasurer, Vector Limited

Binaifer has been the Group Treasurer at Vector since 2005. She leads the groups Treasury, Insurance and the Corporate Growth and Analytics teams. Her responsibilities in the Treasury function include the evaluation and recommendation of financial risk management policy and practices for the management of funding, interest rate, liquidity, counter party and credit risk across one of the largest corporate debt books in New Zealand. Her role also includes the design, placement and management of the Group’s Insurance portfolio. As Group Treasurer she also leads the Corporate Growth & Analytics team, which is responsible for driving Vector’s disciplined growth strategy, and providing analytical and transaction support across Vector’s many business units.

Binaifer is on the board of INFINZ. A passion to support and encourage young finance professionals beginning their tenure in the industry is one of the strengths she brings to the INFINZ Board.

She has a long association with INFINZ, having been a member since 2002. She’s since participated in the organisation’s activities in a wide variety of ways, including taking part in panel discussions, helping organise the annual conference, contributing new ideas on how to present information to members to help in their development and ongoing education and working on subcommittees.

As part of the Treasury Team, she has been awarded the “ABN Ambro Excellence in Treasury Award” from INFINZ in 2005 and “Best Corporate Communicator Award” for Vector from INFINZ in 2011.

Binaifer has a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours (majoring in Accounting and Economics), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Post Graduate degree majoring in Accounting, Economics and Law), and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants India.