Launch of study into Culturally, Ethnically and Linguistically diverse parties in courts

Events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

The Report is the first major study that has been conducted into the unique issues and challenges faced by courts, judges, lawyers and prosecutors to ensure equal access to justice for culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse (CALD) parties in the courts, and Chinese litigants and defendants in particular.

From Report Foreword by former Attorney-General of NZ, Hon Chris Finlayson QC: “This is not a work to be read and shelved but read and implemented throughout the justice system. There is no going back. Major demographic change will not be reversed so we must adapt to the new world. Not some time in the future but now.”
From Report Foreword by former Attorney-General of NZ, Hon Professor Margaret Wilson: “The value of this report is that it identifies structural issues that need to be addressed to ensure there is equitable access to justice for members of the Chinese community. For example, the role of interpreters and the need for cultural understanding by all members of the legal community, including judges, lawyers and court officials. The review of the cases identified there was an awareness of the relevance of cultural issues, particularly when sentencing, but it also revealed it is uneven and maybe inconsistent.”

Details of Auckland launch, with live-stream to Christchurch

Date: Monday 18 November 2019
Time: 5.00pm to 7:30 pm (main session from 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm, followed by networking)
Venue – Auckland: Buddle Findlay, PwC Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland
Venue – Christchurch: Buddle Findlay, 83 Victoria Street, Christchurch

Registration fees for Auckland: $80 + GST
Registration fees for Christchurch livestream: $50 + GST

(Please note: the event is complimentary for Superdiversity Institute members, please refer to the promotional code shared with you when you register)

Speaker line-up for Auckland and Christchurch

  • Hon Chris Finlayson QC, Former Attorney-General of New Zealand from 2008 – 2017
  • Lady Deborah Chambers QC
  • Steve Symon, Partner, Meredith Connell

Details of the Wellington launch

Date: Wednesday 20 November 2019
Time: 5.00 pm to 7:30 pm (main session from 5.30 pm to 6.45 pm, followed by networking)
Venue – Wellington: Buddle Findlay, Aon Centre, 1 Willis Street, Wellington

Registration fees for Auckland and Wellington : $80 + GST

Speaker line-up for Wellington

  • Belinda Sellars QC, Freyberg Chambers
  • David Johnstone, Partner, Meredith Connell
  • Dr. Henry Liu, Former President, New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpretors and 13th President of the International Federation of Translators

While the Report is a Chinese case study, many of the key findings and recommendations are equally applicable to helping ensure equal access to justice for all culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse parties in the courts.

The 2018 Census data, showing that PRC is now the third most common place of birth for persons resident in New Zealand and that the number of people identifying as of Asian ethnicity is increasing, means that such research is topical and important.  Very soon one in 3 in Auckland will be Asian, and superdiversity is deepening, with approximately 28% of our population now comprised of people not born in New Zealand, according to the 2018 Census.

The CPD session will provide valuable insights and practical guidance gleaned from interviews with practitioners, interpreters, academics and judges, an analysis of over 100 cases involving Chinese parties in the Higher Courts since 1 January 2000 and literature and data reviews for:
– Lawyers who advise CALD clients and who have clients who use interpreters in the courts;
– Regulators and prosecutors who prosecute CALD parties;
– Those who administer justice in the courts for CALD parties;
– Interpreters;
– Experts that provide cultural guidance or expert testimony on cultural factors in court; and
– Those presiding in cases with CALD parties
– Mediators
– Law Schools
– Continuing legal education
– Law firm managers

Mai Chen,  Managing Partner, Chen Palmer Partners, Chair, Superdiversity Institute of New Zealand and Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Auckland will speak on the key findings, guidance and recommendations that have arisen from the research.

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This report is written and released by the Superdiversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business