Our People

mai chen

Mai Chen

Founder of NZ Asian Leaders

Mai is Adjunct Professor at the University of Auckland School of Law. She was previously Adjunct Professor in Commercial and Public Law at the University of Auckland Business School. Chen Palmer won the Best Boutique Law Firm in 2010, and […]

Thomas Song

Thomas Song

Deputy Chair Leader, NZ Asian Leaders

Malaysian Chinese, Thomas Song came to New Zealand in 1990 as Managing Director to set up Ernslaw One Limited. Currently the company is a subsidiary of Oregon Group Limited. The group is currently the fourth largest plantation forest owner in […]


Karinia Lee

CEO, NZ Asian Leaders

Ko Maungakiekie toku maunga Ko Manuka-o-Hoturoa toku whanga Ko Tainui toku waka Ko Te Ākitai toku hapu Ko Pukaki raua ko Makaurau oku marae Ko Waiohua raua ko Ngati Hinamana oku iwi Karinia was born and raised in Auckland, and […]

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Priti Garude

Marketing and Communications Manager

A marketing communications professional with 5 years of experience in diverse aspects of integrated marketing communication. Priti’s international experiences through education and work have moulded her into a global citizen, giving her a multi-cultural experience and outlook to life. This is reflected […]