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NZ Asian Leaders is a professional organisation for top Asian New Zealanders who are CEOs and leaders and for high achieving Asians in New Zealand who aspire to become leading CEOs. Its vision is to maximise the country’s successful business interface with Asia.

Currently, leadership and governance structures in New Zealand companies do not always reflect New Zealand’s commitment to doing business with Asia. There is a lack of Asians in top leadership positions in New Zealand companies. Some New Zealand companies are also finding it difficult to identify and recruit Asian leaders to Boards and senior management. It is in New Zealand’s economic, as well as social equity, interests to fill this gap and support Asians into key leadership positions where they are the right person for the job.

NZ Asian Leaders provides a place for Asian New Zealanders who are CEOs or leaders to enjoy peer to peer support and to have visibility with New Zealand companies doing business with Asia or wanting to. It also allows Asian NZ CEOs to be opinion leaders on current and future focused Asian business issues where they have expertise and learning due to their business and cultural experience. The role of NZ Asian Leaders is to provide confidence building for Asian New Zealand leaders to offer their expertise to help NZ inc and to help them understand they have important expertise to contribute.

Ernst Young are conducting a survey in conjunction with New Zealand Asian Leaders of Asians in senior management and governance in the top 100 companies in New Zealand (based on management magazines). These survey results will be released at the 4 November 2013 launch of NZAL and are consistent with a lack of Asian New Zealanders in governance and management in New Zealand businesses.

A survey conducted by SSC in 2010 of the numbers of Asian senior managers in the public service also display a low level of participation of Asian leaders in senior management roles of governance and management.

Diversity in Senior Management 30 June 2001 – 30 June 2010:

2001200220032004200520062007200820092010Public Service Workforce (2010)
Women (%)32.735.535.136.235.637.737.838.437.839.858.7
Māori (%)9.710.410.
Pacific peoples (%)
Asian peoples (%)


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