Welcome to NZ Asian Leaders

New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) is a professional organisation for Asian New Zealanders who are leaders and for high achieving Asians in New Zealand who aspire to become leaders. Our mission is to promote, educate and build a critical mass of top Asian leaders and emerging leaders in NZ who will have an active role in the future of New Zealand and promote cultural understanding in NZ’s diverse communities.

NZ Asian Leaders provides a place for Asian New Zealand leaders to have visibility with New Zealand companies doing business with Asia or wanting to. It also allows Asian leaders to provide valuable knowledge on current and future focused Asian business issues where they have expertise and learning due to their business and cultural experience.

The role of NZ Asian Leaders is to provide confidence building for Asian New Zealand leaders to offer their expertise to help NZ Inc and to help them understand they have important expertise to contribute.


Our Programme


The Events Schedule for 2015 includes:

  • Session 1 – Launch of Governance Mentoring Programme Friday 20th February, 2015
  • Session 2 – Growing NZ Export Education Thursday 26th February 2015, Auckland
  • Session 3 – Asian Media Group Briefing Wednesday 18th March 2015, Wellington
  • Session 4 – Taniwha Dragon Business Round Table Friday 24th April 2015, Auckland
  • Session 5 – NZAL Governance Mentoring programme Thursday 21 May/Friday 22 May 2015, Auckland
  • Session 6 – NZAL Asian Media Forum “How best to communicate with Asian New Zealanders as customers and citizens” Thursday 18 June 2015, Auckland
  • Session 7 – NZAL Public Sector Round Table Thursday 25th June 2015, Wellington 12noon-2pm
  • Session 8 – Diversity Dividend Top 100 Maori Pasifika and Asian Leaders Forum to be held on Thursday 3rd September 2015, Auckland
  • Session 9 – NZAL Conference to be held on Thursday 24th September 2015, Auckland
  • Session 10 – NZAL Public Sector Forum “How best to communicate with Asian New Zealanders as citizens“ to be held Tuesday 6th October 2015, Wellington 12noon-2pm
  • Session 11 – NZAL Networking Session – 2nd Birthday to be held on Thursday 19 November 2015, Auckland


This session will focus on how New Zealand Asian Leaders can contribute to growing Asian tourism in
The second session on 10 March 2014 will focus on how NZ Asian Leaders can contribute to the Boardr
The third session on Monday 28 April 2014 will focus on Asian Investment in New Zealand, including i
The fourth session on Wednesday 14 May 2014 will focus on Asia and Maori relations. This session wil
The fifth session on Monday 9 June 2014 will focus on how New Zealand Asian Leaders can help to rest
Launch of Wellington Chapter: Details TBC
The seventh session on Wednesday 17th September 2014 and will focus on Asian Entrepreneurs and thei
Session 8 - Details TBC

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